Trust Builder - an app to help rebuild trust in a relationship

If you find yourself needing to rebuild trust with someone, then Trust Builder can be part of that process. Perhaps you are recovering from infidelity, or a difficult teen-parent relationship. Regardless, if you are resolved to improve your relationship, Trust Builder can help.

How it Works

Trust Builder is an app that is designed to allow you to report your good behavior to somebody else, in such a way that they can be confident you haven't monkeyed around with it. It has the following features:

  • It records its own operation, including when it's working and when you've turned it off
  • It records photos of its surroundings when it's in the foreground
  • It records audio snippets of its surroundings when it's in the foreground
  • It records your location, even when it's in the background
  • The photos and audio are stored on your device for the other person to check out
  • It sends an email report to the other person with a summary of your actions, including a map of your locations and thumbnails of the images collected
  • All these features are locked with a secret code that the other person puts into Trust Builder, so only they can access the collected data on your phone.
  • This is not a spying app; You must choose to run it in order to show the other person that you are making good choices.

Setting up Trust Builder

Reviewing Collected Data

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